Residential Phone

Available in Coldwater, St. Henry, Montezuma and surrounding areas

Through Hometown Cable, you will be able to receive phone services. We offer digital phone service, providing basic local calling services as well as long distance services.

Phone Service: $22.48 (includes 911 $.38 and LPN $.36 charges)

Long Distance

  • $0.07 per minute if not on unlimited packages
  • Unlimited Long Distance plan for $19.95/month - Nationwide calling, excludes Alaska and Hawaii; International rates vary​​​​

Calling Features

Call forwarding Unconditional ($1.00) Delay Call Forwarding ($1.00) Select Call Forwarding ($1.00)
IVR access to Call Forwarding ($1.50) Remote access to Call Forwarding ($.50) Selective Call Rejection ($3.20)
Anonymous Call Rejection ($1.00) Distinctive ringing ($4.50) Three-way Calling($2.00)
Three-way Calling Ringback ($.50) Call Transfer ($2.00) Call Waiting ($1.50)
Call Waiting w/ calling name & number delivery ($7.00) Cancel Call Waiting ($1.00) Distinctive Ringing on Call Waiting ($2.00)
Calling Number Delivery ($5.00) Automatic Recall (AR) ($3.00) Automatic Callback (AC) ($3.00)
AR on Busy, AC on Busy ($3.50) Customer Originated Trace ($3.00/use) Calling # delivery blocking ($1.00)
Caller ID presentation restriction ($2.50) Message Center ($1.00) Speed Calling (1 digit) ($1.00)
Speed Calling (2 digit) ($2.00) Outgoing call Blocking ($2.00) Reminder Call ($2.00)
Reminder Call Cancel ($.50) Direct dial out ($4.00) Message Waiting Indication ($.50)
Toll Restriction ($2.00) Code Restriction ($2.50) Calling Number Delivery ($5.00)
Calling Name & Number ($6.00) Call Waiting with Calling name delivery ($7.00) Calling name Delivery Blocking ($1.00)
Screening List Editing ($1.00) Call Hold ($1.00) Call Park ($1.00)
PIN Change ($.50) Recorded Announcement on Hold ($5.00) Visual Message Waiting Indication ($.50)
Voice Mail ($6.50)    
  • HTC Bundle ($10.00) Subscribe to as many calling features as you desire.
  • Note: Voice Mail not included in the HTC bundle.